What’s Good for Today?

It’s been more than three years since the last time I posted on my blog.  I actually forgot I had the opportunity to open up my thoughts to the people I know without even being physically present.  Maybe I am having a 30-year-old crisis, or whatever they call it, but I have been feeling very introspective lately.  I guess the fact that I am embracing a different stage of my life is making me think about my own life.

Today more than ever, I have realized that time is really ephemeral.  Today, I am thinking about my family, my friends, my job, and all those kinds of things that make you the happy and successful grown person you once wanted to be.  Today, I am assessing my experiences and choices while I try to put together some of the pieces I have lost as I walk along the path of life.  I am lucky and blessed to have all of the qualities and the support I need to get back to be myself.  I know I will get back there, and I will start Today…

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After an apparent never-ending battle against my hectic life, I am finally here!

I believe every human being has, at least, one unfulfilled dream that he would like to achieve before his life is over. My unfulfilled dream is to be a well-known and admirable writer. When I was a young boy, I wrote several short-stories about ghosts, monsters, aliens, sports, different geographical settings and cultures, natural disasters, and anything else I might have found interesting and cool at that time. My college years filled me with more enthusiasm to write and gave me lots of valuable tools to become a passionate and purposeful amateur writer.  I soon learned that writing for the sake of writing is absolutely barren since any type of text should have a purpose that attempts to catch the reader’s attention and impact him in a variety of forms.  Thus, you guys need to get ready to feel the power of my ideas and welcome the impact of my words on your knowledge-famished souls…

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